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Introducing our New LED LIGHT BULB; by OSTWIN Lighting

August 10, 2018

LED light bulbs are quickly gaining popularity in today's markets. LED light bulbs are known to be much more efficient than traditional bulbs. They consume 75% less energy while producing very little heat and UV light while at the same time emitting the appropriate amount of light and color.

OSTWIN™ LED light bulbs are the ideal choice for any application including general illumination, task lighting, accent lighting, and more.

  • 3k, 4k, 5k color temperature
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • No flickering, humming, UV, infrared or other radiation emissions
  • Extremely long lifespan from 15 000 hours and more
  • UL listed: our LED light bulbs are certified by the rigorous safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories
  • Long service life with a 2+ year limited warranty


Create a comfortable atmosphere in any indoor space with the OSTWIN™ LED light bulbs.