Introducing our New LED INDOOR / OUTDOOR WALL SCONCE; by OSTWIN Lighting

January 30, 2019

Our LED Wall Sconce Light is an excellent choice when upgrading to energy saving LED technology.

Ostwin manufactures both Indoor and Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures!

  • LED Indoor Wall Sconce light comes with a Steel base, Acrylic Lens and Top and Bottom Decorative Covers. Suitable for Damp locations.
  • LED Outdoor Wall Sconce light comes with an Aluminum base, a Non corrosive UV Resistant Resins Lens and Top Cover. Suitable for Wet locations.


Both fixtures come with a PC cover to protect the led chips from moisture and dust.

All mounting accessories and instructions are included for quick and convenient installation.

Providing illumination for outdoor spaces, our outdoor wall sconce is ideal for both residential and commercial applications, including porches and patio areas.

This stylish wall sconce will add a contemporary look to any room and will create a nice, inviting environment.

Its classic design beautifully complements a wide variety of styles.

Illuminate your home with a timeless sophisticated wall sconce that will accentuate your decor.