Introducing our New LED GLASS WALL SCONCE; by OSTWIN Lighting

March 27, 2019

Enjoy the elegant composition of steel and glass to impress even the most discerning consumer.

OSTWIN LED Wall Sconce lights are manufactured using high quality steel which is not only extremely light, it’s durable and aesthetically appealing.

The frosted glass provides an even diffusion of light throughout the fixture, preventing glare and harsh light.

Powered by bright, energy-efficient LEDs our lights have are guaranteed for 50,000 hours, or 45 years! Enjoy little to no maintenance, bulb changes, or headaches. Quick and convenient installation; The light fixture’s petite design mounts seamlessly to the wall.

Incorporating modern design and exceptional workmanship, our LED Wall Sconce lights are a great addition to your room of choice while adding a touch of class that is sure to spruce up your home.

Ideal for use in foyers, corridors, hallways, bedrooms, offices, utility work areas, stairways and many other light commercial or residential settings.