August 22, 2018

Our LED recessed downlight has an innovative design that combines a traditional recessed can housing and retrofit fixture all in one slim body! Included are the J-box and quick-connectors. The LED recessed downlight can be easily installed in different types of ceilings without having to undergo messy and complicated routing and housing reconstruction.

√ No Can Needed
An all-in-one design, each LED recessed light has an attached junction-box which is the perfect canless alternative to your standard recessed ceiling light.
√ Easy Install
Just connect the wiring in the junction box and ins ert the fixture into your ceiling with the spring loaded clips!
√ Dimmable
Get the lighting you desire at the flip of a switch with the ability to reduce from 100% to 10% lighting output. Enjoy the full brightness of these dimmable LED downlights and take control of the ambience of your home.
√ Instant Energy Savings
Save over 75% of your electricty usage with our LED light fixtures. Immediately trim the cost of your electricty bill by making the investment in to energy saving lights. No longer worry about the cost of your electricity bill or how often you will need to buy new lights for your living space.
√ Reliable Lighting
ETL listed for top quality standards and safe operation. No mercury, UV, infrared or other deleterious radiation and chemical substances. Suitable for damp locations. Comes with 5 year limited warranty.
√ Wide Application
Ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, meeting rooms, offices, supermarkets, shop, school, hotel, stairway, lobby, reception ,corridors, wash rooms, etc.